Dragon Ball GT Episode 9

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Dragonball GT Episode 9
(Aired 4/24/96)

Shimatta!! Gokuu tobikomu wana no hoshi!?
Damn!! Gokuu Leaps into the Trap Planet!?

The crew piles into the ship, and they chase after the alien. As
Trunks wonders who the Ball snatcher is, the alien ship flies away.
Inside it, three aliens (all obviously of the same species; see note
below) are looking over the Dragon Ball and trying to figure out what
the big deal is. The ship’s computer detects foreigners following them,
and it warps away. After some hesitation, Trunks warps after them. The
alien ship has the speed, but Trunks claims to be able to catch them
using technique (ignoring the fact that he’s still a novice ship pilot.)
At first, he barely avoids an asteroid field, then he gets cocky and
bounces around like a pinball. (Pan gets angry at him for this.)
The aliens are getting concerned at not losing their tail, and the
leader — Bonpara — asks the computer for suggestions. It replies that
the nearby planet of Beehei would be a good place for a trap, as it is
filled with giant worm monsters. Bonpara agrees, and they fly at full
power with Trunks in close pursuit. (Lots of recycled animation here.)
The aliens enter one tunnel leading into the planet’s core, and hide
in a cross tunnel as the heroes enter deep into the planet. The alien’s
computer calculates the humans’ odds of surviving at 0.000000112%.
Bonpara is pleased at this, and the aliens fly away from Beehei.

[Commercial Break.]

On the aliens’ home planet, life looks as grim as the landscape. In a
large temple, worshippers are chanting a prayer. In front of them is a
stage, with a huge stone idol holding a huge urn. On stage, a masked
priest demands that the next of his minions step forward and give him a
Dragon Ball. The hapless minion couldn’t find one anywhere, so the
priest uses his whip on the minion’s neck to turn him into a small limp
doll. The doll is then tossed into the urn. There is a release of
energy, which cause the stone idol’s eyes to flash, and some gas to
bubble up in some kind of filter flask near by. The priest tells the
worshippers that “Hakkai ma” Ruudo is pleased with the sacrifice. Then
he yells at the worshippers to return to their chanting.
The three Para want to run away, but Bonpara reminds them that they
do have the Shadow Dragon Ball. The priest snaps his whip at them, and
they approach to hand over the Ball. The priest seems surprised, but
says that Donpara, Bonpara, and Sunpara may have done a good job.
However, there was a second Dragon Ball that had been with the first DB.
He is going to punish them for missing the second Ball, but the Para
plead for one more chance. They rush to the ship and demand that the
ship take them to the humans.
In Beehei, the heroes are getting frustrated. Pan asks Gill where
the Dragon Ball is, and the robot can’t find it. Pan thinks that Gill
is acting up, but the Radar in its back shows that the Ball is not within
the planet. Trunks plans on flying the ship back outside, when Gill
announces “danger, danger”. They are attacked by giant worms.
The aliens arrive, with no idea as to how to locate the humans.
They decide to try a brute force search, and stumble on the giant worms
attacking the Earth ship. Gokuu and company exit the ship to fight the
worms one-on-one. (Gill strikes a stupid action pose, then hides on
Trunks’ back.) Donpara and Sunpara are panicking at the continued
battle, until Bonpara suggests that while the humans are fighting, they
can search the Earth ship for the second Ball.
The heroes use energy attacks on one worm — to no effect. Gokuu
thinks that these worms may be the strongest enemy they’ve faced so far.
And, the Para get into the Earth ship.