Dragon Ball GT Episode 6

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Dragonball GT Episode 6
(Aired 3/13/96)

Chotto itee zo!? Gokuu no haisha
It hurts, eh!? Gokuu the dentist.

The ship reaches the next planet. Gokuu asks the robot its name, and
gets the serial number “DD4649T22006RS” back in reply. It announces
that the Dragon Ball is on the planet before them, and Pan threatens to
turn it to scrap if it is lying. Trunks brings them in for a landing,
but the ship trips on a rock outcropping and they crash down (roughed up
but safe.) Trunks apologizes — this is the first time he’s flown a
space ship. The ship keeps getting rocked — the “island” they’re on is
actually the back of a gigantic turtle. They escape a whole herd of
island-sized turtles, and Gokuu leaves the ship on his own; of course,
Pan has to do the same.
Everything on this planet is hundreds of times bigger than normal.
Gokuu rides the back of a horned beetle, and Pan dresses herself up as a
cute insect (Gokuu doesn’t see it that way.) Pan is taken by the beauty
of a butterfly swarm and flies off with them. Trunks arrives, looking
for the Dragon Ball and Pan. Gokuu thinks that the two of them can find
the Ball alone. Pan finds a big flower, enjoys the sweet nectar and
comfortable “bed”, until a swarm of bees swoop down and carry her off.
Trunks finds the Ball in a giant apple orchard, but Gokuu knocks a
apple out of the tree and the apple lands on the Ball. A huge bird
flies up and makes off with the apple (the Dragon Ball embedded in the
side of the apple.) A giant “human” thunders past, the bird drops the
apple in the giant’s hand, the apple goes into a bag, and the bird
settles on the giant’s shoulder. Before Trunks and Gokuu can give
chase, they hear Pan scream. Gokuu isn’t concerned, but Trunks says
that they can locate the Ball via the Radar, so they should help Pan
first. Gokuu is bemused by this.
The bees return to their hive, and put Pan in the main chamber. Pan
complains about this, until she notices the 40+ bee eggs moving around.
The baby bees hatch, and are so cute that Pan settles down and starts to
enjoy herself.

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Trunks finds a giant spider, and what looks like Pan wrapped up in
the spider’s web. Gokuu gets webbed (he hates the taste) and Trunks
kicks the spider to the ground. But, when the webbing is torn open,
they find a human-sized queen bee inside. In the hive, worker bees
start bringing balls of honey to Pan. At first, she is confused. Then
she rebels at the thought of being “mother” to the baby bees. She
apologizes to the babies, and leaves the hive. Followed by the entire
swarm. Her attempts at evasion fail, and they all fly by the giant
“human”, who is now catching a massive trout in his arms.
Pan and Gokuu nearly collide; Trunks explains what is happening. The
bees return to their hive, with their queen. Gokuu wonders how the bees
could be so stupid as to mistake Pan for a queen (ie — pretty princess.)
Pan is surprised that the boys haven’t gotten the Dragon Ball yet.
And, as Gokuu is playing with the robot, it runs out of power. Hitting
on the robot doesn’t fix it. Trunks wonders where they’ll find an
energy source here, and Gokuu’s empty stomach prompts him into saying
that he also needs “energy”. They find the giant — with the aid of
Gokuu’s nose — cooking the fish over a fire. Gokuu is envious. Being
so small, the trio needs an arrow so that we can follow them as they
walk through the grass towards the pile of food. The arrow approaches
the giant as Gokuu tries to get to the huge cooked fish.
They reach the pile of apples, and the Ball is easily seen in the top
apple. Gokuu flies to get the Dragon Ball, but one of the giant’s pets
nudges the apple and it falls to the giant’s feet. The giant pops the
apple in his mouth and throws away the core. Pan imagines that the
giant will have to run to the toilet to pass out the Ball, and she
panics. Trunks tries to calm her down by saying that they can look for
the other Balls first, then they are interrupted as the giant starts
thrashing around in pain.
Gokuu flies up to ask the giant what is wrong, and he sees the Ball
jammed inside a cavity on one of the giant’s molars. Gokuu flies into
the giant’s mouth, and tries to keep it propped open long enough to let
Trunks in to get the Ball. The giant’s teeth close down on Gokuu first,
and the boy is trapped inside the giant’s mouth. (This scene is fun.)
Gokuu resorts to using Kamehame-ha, just as the giant opens his mouth
again. The entire molar is knocked into the air and Gokuu escapes.
Gokuu comments on how big the cavity is. Eventually, the giant realizes
that the pain is gone and he calms down. The trio gets their first
Dragon Ball. Gokuu returns the tooth, with an admonition to brush
more. They fly back to the ship. The giant waves good-bye to them.
The ship returns to space, and Pan comments on how pretty the Ball
is. This is the first time she’s ever seen one. Pan congratulates the
robot (which is now recharging), and asks it for its help in finding the
next one. The robot replies “giro giro” as usual. Gokuu decides to
call it “Gill”. Trunks and Pan agree to that.