Dragon Ball GT Episode 50

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Dragonball GT Episode 50
(Aired 06/25/97)

Saiya powaa gyokusai!? Denkijuu Uushinron
Saiya Power Dies in Honorable Defeat!? Electrical Fighter Uu Shinlon

Note that this episode was scheduled to be pre-empted by baseball,
according Newtype magazine. But, it aired on the evening of June 25 anyway.

New character:
Uu-Shinlon: This is a short (two foot tall) creature with a red body
and head, and a yellow belly. It has a bird-like beak
and is shaped like a pear. Uu has control over some
kind of slime, and can use it to gather energy, and to
make a giant “Uu suit”. Uu uses an electricity/lightning
attack called “Dragon Thunder”. Uu’s weak point is rain.

Gokuu is happily drinking water from a clear lake, but Pan dislikes
the idea and prefers to find some place where she can buy a can of
juice. As Pan is admiring the #2 Dragon Ball, a couple of animals
approach the lake to drink. Pan hopes to see the world restored again,
and asks how many Balls they still need to get. Gokuu counts on his
fingers, and answers “6”. Pan congratulates him, adding that it’ll
be easy for her to get the remaining Balls, so why doesn’t Gokuu just go
back home now. Gill starts yelling “Pan is dangerous!”, and Pan hits it
with a rock.
At Capsule Corp., Bulma tries to get Videl to stop worrying, while
Chi Chi has faith in Gokuu. Gill locates the next Dragon Ball in a
nearby city. Pan demands that they stop for juice first, and nearly
causes Gokuu to drop Gill. In the city, Pan has to stop Gokuu from
crossing a street at a red light, and the boy wonders why since the city
appears deserted. Pan locates a vending machine, and gets frustrated
when it takes her money without dispensing anything. Gokuu heads the
other way, asking Gill why they’re not getting any closer to the Dragon
Ball. Pan screams, and Gokuu runs to her. Red slime is oozing from the
vending machine, emitting sparks. Pan dislikes the way the slime oozes,
and says that it gives her the creeps. The slime seeks out light
sources and absorbs the electricity from them.
An old couple walks up, saying that the electricity has stopped
flowing in this city, and all of the other people have already left.
The old woman gives Pan a can of cold tea. The old man says that after
they leave, the city will be deserted, and recommends that the two kids
leave soon, too. The slime oozes around, giving Pan the willies. Gokuu
thinks that the jiggling stuff is cute, but as he reaches out to touch
it, Gill yells out that the Dragon Ball is nearby. Behind them, a
red-backed, bird-beaked dragon announces himself as Uu-Shinlon. Uu
comments that although Gokuu has defeated Ryan-Shinlon, Ryan was the
weakest of the evil dragons and is no big loss. Uu claims to be much
stronger. Gokuu would be more impressed, except Uu is very, very short
(about 2 feet tall.)
Uu decides to show off a bit, and yells out “lunch time, slime!”
From around the city, slime flies up and covers Pan and Gokuu, and hits
them with a strong electrical shock. The two kids collapse on the
sidewalk. Uu is ready to gloat, but Pan complains of a minor dizziness
as she and Gokuu sit back up. Uu yells out for a “slime build-up.”
More slime flies up, landing on Uu. The dragon becomes 12 feet tall
(actually, the slime creates a big “Uu-Shinlon rubber suit”. The real
Uu is sitting in a bubble in the belly of the rubber suit.) The
rippling fat body gives Pan the creeps.
Uu asks if Gokuu remembers when Vejiita and Nappa first arrived on
Earth. Gokuu had been killed by Piccolo, Jr. during the battle with
Radditz. Shenlon had been summoned to wish Gokuu back to life in order
to fight Vejiita and Nappa. The minus energy from that wish had
gathered in the #5 Dragon Ball, resulting in the creation of Uu-Shinlon.
Gokuu prepares to fight Uu. The dragon yells out “Dragon Thunder”,
and the big rubber Uu sends out electrity to zap the boy. Gill is
afraid of getting shorted out, and it flies away. Pan helps Gokuu sit
up, and Uu keeps shooting away with Dragon Thunder. Gokuu tries to
punch Uu, and his fist gets stuck in the slime. Gokuu gets zapped
again, and is bashed into a building. Pan tries to attack, but the Dragon
Thunders cause her energy blasts to explode, and she also gets zapped.
Uu thinks that nothing can stop it, and SSJ4 Gokuu steps forward to ask
“Are you sure about that?”

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Uu pretends to be unimpressed and uses Dragon Thunder on SSJ4 Gokuu.
The red-furred one just stands and accepts the shocks, claiming to enjoy
the tingling sensation. Uu stops the zaps. Gokuu says that he is in a
hurry, and fires off 10x’s Kamehame-ha. The blast hits the rubber
Uu-Shinlon and pushes it through the city. The rubber contains the
Kamehame-ha, and allows Uu to launch it back at Gokuu. Gokuu grabs Pan
and tries to fly outside the blast zone. Uu laughs, saying that Gokuu
can’t hurt him. The smoke clears, and little Gokuu crawls out of the
rubble, laughing in embarrassment at having his own attack used back on
him. Uu goes bug-eyed over Gokuu and Pan still being alive. Uu
prepares for another power up; tendrils ooze out of the rubber Shinlon’s
back, reach a nearby dam, and grab onto the high tension power lines.
Uu grows, towering over the surrounding buildings. Pan shoots three
blasts in panic, and Gokuu has to save her when the blasts are bounced
back at her. The tenrils seek out underground power lines, and wind
mill generators. Rubber Uu grows to cover the entire city. Then, two
tendrils engulf Gokuu and Pan; they struggle helplessly in the slime.
The real Uu rides out in a tendril of his own to gloat. Uu says “Die,
Gokuu” and zaps them again. Uu uses 50% of its power, and Pan passes
out. Gokuu continues to resist, so Uu uses more electricity. Gokuu’s
body can not hold out any longer and he loses consciousness.
Then (apparently drawn to Uu), a storm front moves in and rain
starts to fall. Uu begins shorting out, so he tries to break up and
send his slime away to safety. Gokuu and Pan are freed, and the boy
catches Pan from falling. He wakes Pan up. The slime isn’t flying away
fast enough, and Uu is afraid of exploding. Pan wants to attack Uu
while they have the chance, but Gokuu doesn’t think it’s necessary. The
rain falls harder, and large sections of rubber Uu flash as they short
out. Pan considers it sad that someone would be defeated by the
strength of his own power. Rubber Uu explodes.
Little Uu is lying on the ground in the wrecked city. He weakly
offers his Dragon Ball to Pan and apparently passes out. Pan approaches
the dragon; Uu’s eyes turn red and he calls Pan an idiot as his slime
rises up to trap her. Pan flies up to safety, and Gokuu blasts the
dragon with Kamehame-ha. Uu dies. Pan thanks her grandfather. The #5
Dragon Ball falls out of the sky and lands in Pan’s hand. It returns to
its normal golden color. The sky clears and Gill comes out of hiding.
The narrator comments that they have two Dragon Balls, but must still
face the other 5 dragons. An image of a black princess floats in the
sky as a premonition of things to come.