Dragon Ball GT Episode 5

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Dragonball GT Episode 5
(Aired 3/6/96)

Tsuyoi yatsu mikke!! Youjinbou Rejjik
See, the Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejjik.

The local police search the city, overlooking the trio hiding behind
the giant wanted posters. While they are waffling over their next
steps, a local female leaves her apartment, and finds them. Gokuu
states that while they are wanted criminals, they’re really not bad
folks. Pan tries to do spin control, but the female screams and bolts,
alerting the police. The trio run away, leaping over buildings. Don
Kia’s two minions lay an ambush, while Kiru (the little red dwarf
minion) wants the criminals alive, to exact revenge for the day before.
Pan and Trunks easily leap over the street where Kiru is waiting, but
Gokuu stumbles, falls towards Kiru, and uses the dwarf’s face as a
springboard (Kiru’s response — This can’t be happening.)
A few buildings later, Pan falls through a roof, and she and Trunks
land on top of Gokuu. Pan grouses about this hateful planet; Gokuu
tells her to get off him, then complains that Pan is fat. They are
interrupted by an old couple that recognizes them from the posters. The
trio realize that they can’t explain their way out of this mess. They
apologize and try to leave. The old couple soften up, and state that if
the evil Don Kia is against something, that something must by rights be
ok. The woman invites them to dinner (over her husband’s objections.)
The couple hear about the trio’s problems, and the woman tells us
that Don Kia also arrived on this planet in a ship, along with Rejjik.
Pan wonders why the villagers don’t fight back, and is told that Rejjik
is too strong for them to handle. Gokuu flashes back to last night’s
fight, and remembers Rejjik’s face. The woman apologizes to Gokuu that
there is not enough food for seconds. The trio realize that they’ve
just eaten all of the couple’s food. This is the last straw for Pan,
and she decides to take on Don Kia. The old couple are concerned for
their safety, and Pan tells them to not worry because the heroes are so
Soon, the trio walks into the midst of the police. Geal (pronounced
“Gail”) and Kiru dread another fight, and are stunned when the fugitives
peacefully surrender. They are handcuffed and hauled away.
In his office, Don Kia is making love to his money. He is told by
intercom that Geal has captured the three fugitives. Don Kia tells the
intercom to have them delivered to his office. Suddenly, a guard flies
through the door, and the trio burst in. Don Kia asks where Geal is;
he finds her on camera — downstairs, with the rest of the defeated

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Pan wants vengeance on Don Kia, but is caught in a cylindrical force
field. Don Kia’s office contains a hidden arsenal, which he activates
and opens fire on Pan. But the assault is interrupted when Rejjik
arrives and says that weapons are useless on these guys. Don Kia tries
to order Rejjik to attack, but Rejjik doesn’t take orders from anyone.
He just wants to know how strong the trio really is. Trunks attacks
and is easily batted aside. Gokuu confronts Rejjik while telling Trunks
to rescue Pan. Rejjik and Gokuu start fighting. There are many energy
balls, kicks, and punches. Rejjik uses a semi-magical set of swords
(which Gokuu catches and breaks) and a spear (which Gokuu evades only to
be batted to the ground.) Don Kia’s palace gets demolished along the
Gokuu is now getting interested in the battle, and he starts round
two by going SSJ-1 (Rejjik discloses that he recognizes Gokuu as being
Saiya-jin, but doesn’t elaborate.) Gokuu shatters Rejjik’s spear, and
bashes the bodyguard. They both switch to energy attacks, with Gokuu’s
Kamehame-ha blowing Rejjik back into the palace.
Gokuu stops fighting, knowing that Rejjik is down for the count.
Rejjik disses the brat as being fickle, and Gokuu agrees with the fickle
part, but not at being called a child (Rejjik doesn’t understand.) Pan
is now free, and she and Trunks confront Don Kia. Don Kia grabs his
money and tries to bribe Rejjik into rescuing him. Rejjik kicks the
dictator away, and tells Gokuu that Rejjik will win their next fight.
Gokuu answers back that it won’t be him losing in the battle.
Don Kia apologizes, and promises to do anything they want. He balks
at being told to stop charging rent, so Gokuu is allowed to smash him
up. After much thought, Don Kia acquiesces. The next morning, the trio
arrive at the village carrying a HUGE vault containing all of Don Kia’s
money, and a promise that the villagers will get their planet back.
Then, their ship is ready to launch again, and Gokuu asks Pan how
they’re going to find the Balls without the Dragon Radar. Pan notices
that the robot has escaped again, and she roughs it up a bit. This
attracts Trunks’ attention, and he takes pity on the almost-human robot.
Pan asks Trunks what they’re going to do without the Radar. The robot
opens a panel in its back to reveal a Dragon Radar screen (confirming
what Trunks suspected the previous episode.) Now that they can study
the screen, they see that the closest Ball is within the Imeggan solar
system. Pan is initially excited at being able to continue the
adventure. But on the trip out, she and Gokuu fall asleep.