Dragon Ball GT Episode 48

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Dragonball GT Episode 48
(Aired 06/11/97)

Kore wa Bikkuri! Shenlon ga teki ni?!
This is a Surprise! Shenlon is the Enemy?!

New character:
Ryan-shinlon: A water-related black dragon. Looks like a perverted
fat frog, and is originally played for laughs.
(Ryan-shinlon translates to “2-Star Dragon”.)

The group is wondering what this dragon is, and Pan suggests that it
is Shenlon. Gokuu doesn’t think so. Shenlon says that they have
summoned it. Bulma says that there’s something weird about it — it
looks vulgar. Trunks complains about his mother’s rudeness. Pan tells
Shenlon that if it doesn’t want people insulting it behind its back,
that it should hurry up and grant their wishes. Shenlon lights up a
cigar, sneers at Pan, and tells her that it doesn’t care. Kaiou-sama
uses telepathy to warn Gokuu that this is not Shenlon.
The dragon laughs. Trunks asks who the dragon is, and it replies by
blowing clouds of smoke at them, and then lifting up the Dragon Balls
and swallowing them. Bulma demands to know what the dragon is doing,
but it just turns into a blue tornado and sends out seven black dragons
— each one holding a Dragon Ball is its mouth.
The dragons fly off in all directions, and the sky clears up again.
The group wonders at what happened until Pan points out the pretty
northern lights in the sky. Chi Chi thinks that this is very romantic,
but Gokuu and Gohan both sense the great evil in the air. Kaiou-sama
telepaths back in, but he doesn’t know what’s happening either. Then,
Dai Kaiou-shin yells at them from his crystal ball. The group complains
about his shouting being too loud, but the old coot wants them to
suffer. Dai Kaiou-shin claims that he knew that using the Dragon Balls
so much was a bad thing. He blames Bulma for having been the one that
created the weird Dragon Radar in the first place. Bulma objects to
having her machinery being called weird and she argues back, stating
that it was put to good use in satisfying a young girl’s quest for love.
Trunks attempts to get his mother to stop trying to pick a fight with
the old coot, and Kaiou-bit asks for permission to take over since time
is short.
Pan asks for Gohan’s help in explaining what Kaiou-bit says.
Basically, each wish granted had been a display of “Plus Energy”,
resulting in the absorbing of “Minus Energy” into the Dragon Balls.
With each wish made by the Z Fighters over the last 30 years, more Minus
Energy built up until the Balls cracked and let all of that evil out.
Dende and Mr. Poppo show up at Capsule Corp., and Poppo tells them that
he’d heard of this happening before. A very long time ago, the black
dragons had appeared and wiped out all of the life in that galaxy.
Dai Kaiou-shin returns to blaming Bulma again for making the Radar,
and Kaiou-bit adds that she’s the one that had first set out to gather
up the Dragon Balls. Bulma again tries to divert the blame, pointing
the finger at Dende for having created the Dragon Balls (Dende just
smiles awkwardly back at her.) She tries to get the rest of the group
to side with her, and fails. Bulma then states that Gokuu had helped
get the Balls after they first met; a cute 16-year old girl like her
couldn’t have survived all those adventures on her own. Gokuu doesn’t
understand this logic, but he figures that if he was somehow at fault,
he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. He starts stretching out.
Gohan asks where his father plans on going, and the boy answers that
while he doesn’t have a handle on the problem, he will at least go out,
defeat the black dragons, and get the Balls back. (Bulma is evilly
pleased that the responsibility has been taken off her shoulders.)
Gokuu says that he’s going to leave now, and he flashes a V-sign.

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Dai Kaiou-shin tells Gokuu to hurry — if the black dragons are given
too much time on their own, they will completely rip apart the planet.
Gohan wants to go along, but Gokuu thinks that being able to turn SSJ4
will be good enough. Pan steps forward to say something, then changes
her mind and wishes Gokuu good luck. Gokuu flies off, and Pan happily
runs away when the others’ attention is on Gokuu. Gohan and Chi Chi
shout encouragement to Gokuu.
As he zips along, Gokuu sees the empty ruins of Satan City below him,
and realizes that he has to work fast to get the Balls back again. The
narrator tells us that what Dai Kaiou-shin was talking about is starting
to take place — the black dragons each fly until they discover their
own element, and then take on their true shapes. One dragon enters a
volcano and causes it to erupt over some village. The second dragon
goes north, smashes into a mountain, and turns into an icy statue. The
third turns to lightning, smashes into the ground, and then stands in
the big crater looking a little like a snub-nosed Godzilla. The
fourth looks like a dark-skinned Darbura, as it spins in the air to
create a hurricane that rips up some city. The fifth erupts from the
ground and turns into a shenlon-statue. The sixth romps through the
clouds; and the seventh dragon flies over a small village next to a
lake, and dives into the water.
The water dragon is the first enemy. The villagers run away from the
water raining down on them. The lake turns poisonous, fish die, and the
surrounding land and trees are quickly covered in slime. The water
shenlon is a fat frog-like dragon with a horn in the middle of its
forehead. It enjoys killing stuff with pollution.
Gokuu reaches a coastline, and realizes that he’s forgotten the
Dragon Radar. He turns around to head back, and runs into Pan. Pan has
Gill in her backpack, and refuses to hand over the robot unless Gokuu
lets her go along with. Gill says that Pan is dangerous, and without
her, Gokuu stands a 70% chance of success. Claiming that the robot is
malfunctioning, Pan shakes it until it says “I love Pan. If she doesn’t
come with, I’ll be unhappy.” Gokuu gives in, and he, Pan and Gill
continue flying out over the wilderness. Gokuu complains about Pan
being present, and she snickers. Gill announces that a Dragon Ball is
nearby, and Gokuu notices the polluted land below. Pan notices the
Pan wants more specific directions to the Ball, and Gill keeps
repeating “around here”. Then, some villagers come running down a road.
Gokuu and Pan fly in front of them to ask what is wrong. A old woman
tells them about the dragon that flew by, while another villager tries
to shoot the “monster” with a machine gun; to no effect. The dragon
says it’ll kill everyone, and laughs as it advances on some woman. Pan
and Gokuu arrive and see the #2 Ball in the dragon’s forehead. Pan
rushes in to attack it, with Gokuu telling her that it’s too dangerous.
The dragon gets kicked into several buildings. It complains about
Son Gokuu showing up again. Then, a big rock falls on its foot, and it
hops around in pain like a big fool. Pan wonders if this dragon is the
evil thing that Dai Kaiou-shin had been yelling about. Gokuu adds that
he is not looking forward to fighting it at all.
The dragon gets angry at their mutterings, laughs like Mr. Satan
would, then looks slyly at the lake behind it. The narrator also asks
if this dragon is all that evil, as the lake bubbles thickly.