Dragon Ball GT Episode 2

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Dragonball GT Episode 2
(Aired 2/14/96)Shuyaku wa watashi! Pan uchuu ni tobitatsu!!
I am the Leader! Pan Flies into Space!!

The episode starts with a straight-laced Future Trucks being escorted
to his office as president of Capsule Corp. However, he can’t stand the
attention from his staff, or the pressures of a desk job, and he manages
to escape out a window (again.) Meanwhile, Pan is interrupting Goten’s
phone call to a new girlfriend.
The rest of the family is upset at the idea of Gokuu going off to
face danger alone, so Gohan volunteers to go with. Pan wants to join
them, but Chi Chi tries to scare the girl off with ghost stories. (The
key to the events that follow is — Gokuu likes being a kid again, while
Pan is desperately trying to be accepted as an adult. Pan is disgusted
with her grandfather’s behavior, and refuses to take orders from him.
Pan will constantly take on the role of “parent” from this point on.)
At Capsule Corp., Bulma comments on the fact that her space ship is
not all that big — it can only hold three people. Outside, a thug is
watching the building, waiting for some girl to step out where he can
grab her. Vejiita, now sporting more of an “old punk” look, with a flat
top and a mustache, is dismissed by the thug’s partner as being a lousy
kidnap victim. The rest of the heroes work on prepping the ship; all
except Pan, who is rebuffed by all of them. Frustrated, Pan kicks the
wall of the ship, damaging one of the engines (she covers the dent with
a parts cart.) Pan leaves, but can’t avoid being tailed by a bored
Gokuu. Ultimately, Pan flies off just as the thug leaps forward. Gokuu
gets kidnapped.

[Commercial Break.]

At Mr. Satan’s martial arts school, Satan is watching in horror as
Pan trashes his entire class. The girl wants to keep fighting, but
Satan is the only fighter left, and he claims to have a cold.
Elsewhere, Gokuu is being fed lots of food, as the first thug tries to
get his friend to use the boy in their fiendish plot (the meal comes
to 700,000 zenni.) The second thug calls Capsule Corp., and tries to
talk Bulma into paying a ransom. Unfortunately, the thug’s phone card
runs out first. Bulma wonders why Gokuu keeps getting into weird
situations.) Pan and Satan go to a cafe, where the girl complains about
always being treated as a child, while she tries drink black coffee (she
hates the taste) and Satan chows down on a parfait. Satan TRIES to
build up Pan’s feelings, but succumbs to the need to hug his “cute
little grand daughter”.
The two thugs keep trying to ransom Gokuu, but the next phone call is
to Vejiita. Vejiita tells them to do what they want to the boy. At the
end of the day, the thugs are disheartened, and Gokuu wants to go back
home. The second thug wants to make one more phone call. They stop in
an area devoid of phone booths, so Gokuu flies off to get a phone for
them. Thug 2 finally believes Thug 1’s claim that Pan had flown away
from him that morning. When Gokuu returns with the booth, the thugs
drive away in terror.
Later, Trunks is again escaping from his office, when he is
interrupted by Vejiita. Vejiita now knows about Gokuu’s planned space
trip, and he wants Goten and Trunks to go along with, for the
experience. (Bulma can take care of Capsule Corp. on her own, and
Goten’s date is beneath notice.)
It’s now time for the big launch. Trunks and Gokuu enter the ship,
but Goten receives a call from his girlfriend and he stands outside to
talk on his cellular phone. Beederu asks Gohan when Pan is, and Gohan
answers “with Bra.” But, Bra is standing next to Vejiita (Bra is quite
a knock-out), and Pan is nowhere in sight. Inside the ship, Pan is
waiting for Gokuu and Trunks to enter. She presses the ignition switch
— the ship leaps into space. Goten is left behind, to meet his date.
And, a loose component falls from the ship and lands by Bulma’s feet.