Dragon Ball GT Episode 1

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Dragonball GT Episode 1
(Aired 2/07/96)Nazo no DB Shuugen!! Gokuu wa kodomo ni!?
The mysterious Dragonballs appear!! Gokuu becomes a child!?

Gokuu and Uubu are in Kami-sama’s palace, training and smashing away at
each other. Around 10 years have passed since the end of Dragon Ball Z,
and Uubu looks to be a very strong teenager now. The damage to the
Palace is enormous, and Mr. Popo and Dende are getting nervous over it.
Meanwhile Pilaf, Shuu and Mai (all three of them looking really old now)
are in a set of robots, climbing the outside of the Palace. When they
get inside, they eventually locate all seven Dragon Balls (lying in a
skeleton-filled urn.) These are the Ultimate Dragon Balls, created by
the the Namek child that had come to Earth long ago. After making the
Ultimate Dragon Balls, the Namek child purified himself to become
Kami-sama. The concentrated evil turned into the Great Demon King
Piccolo. The Ultimate Dragon Balls (also called the Black Star Dragon
Balls) is rumored to be better than Kami-sama’s set.

Eventually, Uubu and Gokuu finish their training, step out into the
open, and collapse. Dende and Mr. Popo heal them. Everyone trades
greetings and words of thanks. Uubu and Gokuu promise to get together a
year later to fight again. Then, Uubu flies off to return to his own

Before Pilaf can summon Shenlon, Shuu is overcome with emotion at
getting this far for the first time, and Mai reminds them that this is
about the point where they always get interrupted. Pilaf hopes to avoid
all interruptions this time. Pilaf is again dreaming of world
domination, and he summons Shenlon. The Ultimate Shenlon is yellow, and
REALLY big. Meanwhile, Gokuu empties Dende’s larder; still hungry, he
wanders the Palace and notices that the sky has suddenly turned dark.
Confused, Gokuu tries to find out what’s going on, and happens upon
Pilaf. Gokuu is surprised to see Pilaf after so many decades, and he
marvels over this. Pilaf rages that Gokuu is so big now, and he orders
his robots to launch missiles at Gokuu. Gokuu easily catches the
missiles, and Pilaf insanely wishes that Gokuu was small again, and
therefore easier to defeat.

Shenlon says “So be it”, and Gokuu is turned into a child once more.
Shenlon claims that the wish has been fulfilled, and all 7 Balls fly off
in separate directions. Dende and Mr. Popo arrive, and are shocked to
see Gokuu transformed.

[Commercial Break.]

Kaiou-sama telepathically tells Dende and crew that only the Ultimate
Dragon Balls can be used to reverse the wish, and the Balls have been
scattered across the galaxy. Gokuu is taking being a kid in stride, and
since there’s nothing else that he can do at this point, he decides to
fly down to Earth to get something more to eat. In Satan City, Pan (who
is now a young girl, and dressed like a “slacker” version of Beederu)
and a potential boyfriend are wandering the streets. Pan wants to go to
a movie, and the boyfriend wants to keep pressing against her. Meanwhile
Kamesennin has hit the city as well, and is trying to track down Pan (he
makes sure that he bumps into the tushes of every pretty woman along the

However, there is a hostage situation at a bank near the theater, and
the police have cordoned off the area. The bad guys have fun shooting
up cars and terrorizing the police. The police had decided to send in a
disguised police woman to give the villains meals spiked with knockout
drops. Unfortunately, the villains expected this, and they feed the
food to a hostage cop — the cop passes out. The villains continue to
blow up the city. The resulting shockwaves disturb Gokuu’s meal at a
nearby Chinese restaurant. He comes out to see what is wrong.

Gokuu anticipates being able to beat up baddies, but is thwarted by Pan,
who tells the little boy to not get in the way. Pan beats the snot out
of the bad guys as Gokuu watches. The potential boyfriend becomes
scared of Pan’s prowess, and runs away (not the first time this has
happened, either.) Then, Kamesennin arrives and both children yell out
his name. Kamesennin quickly believes that this is a weird little
Gokuu, but Pan thinks that there is something wrong here. (It’s been a
long time since anyone’s seen Gokuu, or since he’s seen any of them.)

The group goes to Gokuu’s house, and everyone speculates over whether
the original Dragon Balls can restore Gokuu, until Kaiou-sama calls in to
mention a problem he’d missed before. It seems that the Ultimate Dragon
Balls are MUCH stronger than any of the other Earth sets. Having been
used, the Ultimate Dragon Balls put a lot of stress on the planet. They
must be gathered together again within one year, or the Earth will
explode. Everyone is shocked at this.

And so, Gokuu’s new adventure begins.